Our Tags Have What No Others Offer - Pet QR ID

Pet tag QR code
  • Transferable to another pet.
  • Update pet information 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Scan tag with any smart phone or tablet.
  • Instant access to your pet's profile information anytime.
  • Over 25 pet profile options including microchip information. No need to have pet scanned at the vets.
  • Upload certificates and records to profile and view/download when needed.
  • Tag is permanent and highly water resistant.
  • If traveling, enter current location and phone number in pet's profile so you can be contacted quickly.
  • Enter up to five phone numbers and three addresses for friends and family. Tapping a phone number in the profile automatically calls that number.
  • If you're not available, enter another location to take your pet if lost.
  • Any veterinarian world-wide can scan tag and download pet's vital information.

How Our System Works

sign up for pet id tags

1. Sign Up for Our Service

It's fast, easy and only costs $6.50. Once your account is created, you'll have instant access to your Dashboard, unique QR code generated specifically for your pet and QR Smart ID card and tag stickers that can be scanned at anytime, anywhere around the world.

look for your pet tags in the mail

2. Look for Your Pet ID Tag Stickers in the Mail

Within 10 days, you'll receive a set of 20 special QR permanent waterproof stickers in the mail. They're small enough to place on your pet's current ID tag or collar. If a sticker wears out, just replace it with a new one. Reorder a new set anytime for free!

If pet goes missing, anyone who finds it can scan the QR code and the information you provided (such as your contact number and other specific info) is instantly available.

No other pet identification system delivers a faster way to reunite you with your pet or get them to the help they need in a timely manner.

log into you pet id account

3. Log in and Fill Out your Pet's Information

It's time to set up your pet's profile. Simply login using the user name and password you created at sign up and click on the Pet ID link in your Dashboard. Upload a picture, fill out any of the 25 types of information available and click Save. You're all set!

You control your pet's information and can update it anytime from anywhere. Additionally, a veterinary clinic can download your pet's complete profile and integrate it right into their digital or physical file system.

test your pet id stickers

4. Test Your QR Code

Using your smart phone's QR scanner app, scan your pet's QR code. Their information will immediately appear. You're pet is now protected!

Why Use Pet ID Global QR Tags?

pet name tags pet name tags

You can provide over 25 types of information in your Pet ID Global viewable profile

All fields are optional.

pet tags family Irish setter dog
  • Pet's name
  • Age
  • Birthday or adoption date
  • Spayed or neutered
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Owner's name
  • Up to 5 phone numbers (relatives, friends, etc.)
  • Up to 3 addresses
  • Where I'm at now (current location you're at when traveling, phone number where you can be reached)
  • Microchip registration number
  • Microchip recovery phone number (can call and get pet's information)
  • Microchip recovery website address (for pet information retrieval)
  • Name of veterinary doctor and clinic
  • Vet's phone number
  • Special needs, disabilities, traits, fears, etc.
  • Medication list
  • Types of food your pet eats regularly
  • Instructions where to take your pet if you can't be reached and it needs to be dropped of somewhere
  • Other information
  • You can also upload any documents to your pet's profile including x-rays, certifications, vaccination records, documented behavioral history, photos, etc. (useful when going a vet)
  • All data and documents can be downloaded and forwarded via email, text message or directly to any vet or shelter.